The parish records for Rolleston are extensive and are retained in many locations, particularly the Nottinghamshire Archives. Other sources include the University of Nottingham, who hold the Archdeacons’ records. Click here for the link to those resources

Some examples of the Churchwardens’ presentments to be found there are set out below:-

In the churchwarden presentment, Rolleston, Newark deanery, 1587  it states: “Our glass windows in the chancel are in decay, in default of the chapter of Southwell.”

A few years later - 26.4.1598 “Churchwardens and one [assistant] present the following: Richard Pratt and his wife for not coming to church; John Thorneton of Morton and his wife for the same; Richard Prat and his wife for not receiving [communion] last Easter.

Place name given as Rawlstone.

1601 “Churchwardens present the following: the church wants tiling and some glazing, but stuff and workmen are bespoken [already hired]; the chancel is not in repair and has not been for a long time, especially the door and windows; it has been presented [before] but not yet mended; there is a want of 'Paraphrases' through defect of the expropriators, the church of Sowthwell [Southwell]; Alice Notha, daughter of Ellen Mason, was born in Morton and baptised in our church of Rolston [Rolleston], and the said Ellen was not churched but was let go as is said; the father is thought to be called William String of Staunton.”

In 1603  Churchwardens present the following: our chancel is in decay and ought to be repaired by the Church of Sowthwell [Southwell] or their court; our vicar preaches often, we ought to have four sermons and we have more.

Place name given as Rolston and Fiskerton.

The churchwarden presentment at Rolleston, Newark deanery, 29.7.1603 says:-

Vicar and churchwardens present the following: 1. our minister is a preacher and a Bachelor of Art in Cambridge, continuing there five years as he says; 2. we have nothing to say [he has only one benefice], but the valuation of the vicarage is £10; 3. nothing to say; 4. we have no recusants; 5. there are 262 communicants, and only two men have not communicated to our knowledge this year, but before they have both often communicated and we take them to be no recusants.

30.4.1610  - “Churchwardens present the following: Hendry Cotis [altered to 'Cockit' in another hand] and John Child for playing at the 'foutball' [football] in the churchyard on a Sunday or holy day; memorandum in another hand that they are defective in the 44th article.”

Place name given as Roulstonne.

Payment of 6d recorded.

 27.4.1612  “Churchwardens present the following: Alice Dickson says that George Basford and Exward [sic] Towneend committed fornication with her, and she is delivered of a child; [sentence stating that she says 'that Edward Towneend did get it that she is delivered...' has been crossed out].”

Only one churchwarden's name given.

Place name given as Rowson.

24.2.1613  “Vicar and churchwardens present the following: Joane Lodge, wife of Mr Dr Lodge ['remaining as is said at London', crossed out], has absented herself from divine service in our parish church for the last four Sabbath days; also a young maiden attendant on her, naming herself Katerine Suprany [absents herself].”

Place name given as Rolston.

Dated 24 Feb 1612 [Old Style]; found [misplaced?] in series of presentment bills from Easter 1613.

22.4.1613 Churchwardens present the following: Johan Lodge, wife of Thomas Lodge, docter of Phisick, for a 'papisticall' recusant; Katherine Sabrina, her maid and attendant, for the like; Edward Barom the elder for not receiving the communion this whole year last past; Roberte Donell, a sojourner with John Hutton, for not receiving the communion last Easter; Edward Barom the elder for using himself unreverently in time of divine service, especially in not putting off his hat or kneeling in time of prayer for the most part; Tobie Cook, Willm Butler, Willm Thorneton and Willm North for not coming to be catechised; Willm Batheley says he can read, but does not learn it [the catechism] without the book; John Turner, Richard Fell and Richard Swift junior for the like.

Place name given as Rowslton.

Written in another hand, 'emt in 9 Junij', and written above the names of Roberte Donell, Tobie Cook, Willm Butler, Willm Thorneton, Willm Batheley, John Turner and Richard Swift, 'dim'.

Payment of 6d recorded.

1616 (c) Churchwardens and swornmen present the following: Edward Barred for sitting with his hat on his head in time of divine service and prayers, and not kneeling when he received the sacrament but only at Easter last; Edward Watkis for not usually kneeling at his prayers.

Place name given as Rorslan.

No date given; found in series of presentment bills from Easter 1616.

23.4.1618 “Churchwardens present the following: Richard Yarwood and his wife for negligent coming to divine service on Sundays; Thomas Metheringham for working about his hides and occupation on the Sabbath day, and also for not paying 18d due for his lays to the church.”

Place name given as Rolston cum Fiskerton.

24.4.1620 “George Whitehead and Joney Aluey for fornication together; Edward alias Edmund Barlowe and Jone his wife for fornication before marriage; Roger Turner of Fiskerton for not receiving holy communion last Easter.”

Place name given as Rouleston.

1622 (c) Churchwardens of Rolleston present the following: Rauffe Scott for bearing a burden of barley on his back in harvest time from the field to his house on the Sabbath day; John Wadsworth and his wife as she was with child before they were married; Isabell Yarwood for not coming to church.

Churchwarden of Fiskerton presents the following: Roger Turner for not coming to church.

Place name given as Roulston and Fiskerton.

26.4.1626 Churchwardens present the following: Richard Thornton of Fiskerton for not receiving holy communion at Easter; Wm Coe and Anne Coe alias Sowth, now his wife, for procuring themselves to be married at Upton, neither of them living there at the time of their marriage.

Place name given as Rowlston.

6.5.1663  “One churchwarden presents the following: Edward Sharp, 'gardiano ib[ide]m alterum' [the other churchwarden] and Edward Atkinson, Thomas Allcock, Richard Bish, Richard Devill and others of Fiskerton, for refusing to pay the third part of the cessments towards the reparations of their parish church of Rollston, together with three shillings more than the said third part according to the rateable custom, for nine years last past, by which means the church is 'like to be in decay'.”

Signed by Tho. Knutton in a different hand to that in which the body of the presentment is written; paper sent 'To my loving frend Richard Hankin at his howse in Farnsfeild' [Farnsfield].

Place name given as Rollston.

19.4.1695 “Churchwardens present the following: Robert Hilton for having a bastard child by Elizabeth Hall, now deceased.”

Place name given as Rowlston.

Holy Trinity, Rolleston

Examples of the Churchwardens’ Submissions to Archdeacons