In order to carry out essential drainage work, the church path was lifted in 31st July 2010 and a trench dug towards the church gate and also to the water standing pipe.

Many bones were found just beneath the surface. Some were disarticulated, indicating that they may have been moved previously, perhaps during the construction of the South Aisle or the South Porch. Others appear to have laid undisturbed. Since all were unmarked, it is likely that the remains were from those laid to rest before the end of the 17th Century, when more formal graves and grave markers became common.

After archaeological examination and recording, the bones were all placed in white cotton sacks, and re-interred by Retired Bishop, the Right Reverend John Finney, on Sunday 7th August 2010 after the morning Holy Communion service.

Holy Trinity, Rolleston with Fiskerton